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    X-Ring & Multiseal Low Friction Seal

    Low Friction Compression Seals 每 Run Circles Around O-Rings!
    After years of concentrated research, yjm has perfected synthetic rubber hydraulic and pneumatic seals that are far superior to O-Rings.
    These packings were designed to overcome the weaknesses of O-Rings 每 such as high friction, spiral failures and leakage from compression set.

    YJM manufactures two types of low friction compression seals:
    Multiseal bi-directional lip style seals
    X-Ring multidirectional lobed style seals

    Both styles offer significant advantages over standard O-Rings, making them the choice for any application where you want to achieve a
    better, high? performing seal.

    What Makes Multiseal Low Friction Seals and X-Ring Seals Better
    A better seal 每 With their multi-lobed designs, they provide more sealing surfaces than standard O-Rings.
    Increased life for the seal ring 每 With multiple seal points, less squeeze is required to provide an effective seal. This means less friction and wear which will increase seal life and lower maintenance costs.
    Prevents spiral failure 每 The square cross sections resist distortion called ※spiral twist§ that may be encountered when using O-Rings.
    Puts parting lines where they belong 每 Unlike an O-Ring, where the parting line is found on the only sealing surface, the parting lines of Multiseal low friction seals and X-Ring compression seals are located in the center of the cross section away from the primary
    sealing surfaces.
    Better lubricant retention 每 The grooves on the inside and outside diameter of these rings retain lubricant thereby lowering friction and
    extending packing life.
    Saves space, reduces cost 每 One Multiseal low friction seal can replace two U-Cups in many applications.
    Less force, better seal 每 Lower breakaway force and reduced operating pressures make them ideal in? reciprocating applications.
    The right fit 每 Multiseal low friction seals and X-Rings compression seals will fit in standard O-Ring grooves

    Low Breakaway Pressures Solved with YJM*s Multiseal

    yjm*s Multiseal works far better than any other product we tried! O-Rings produced too much resistance to piston movement for our
    low-pressure application. Quad Rings made some improvement, but still couldn't achieve the low resistance (i.e. drag) we were looking
    for. U-Cups generated too much drag when energized, plus we needed two of them since they are not bi-directional like the Multiseal.
    The self-energizing Multiseal quickly proved to be the best solution because it provides optimal sealing in low pressure as well as
    higher pressures without parasitical drag! By optimizing the gland for our application, we are able to achieve good sealing with very low
    drag through the full operating pressure range, with piston movement starting at less than? 2 psi and extending to 300 psi. The
    Multiseal provides a good seal with minimal pressure drop throughout the full pressure operating range of the pump.

    Availability of YJM Low ?Friction Seals
    YJM*s low friction seals are available ※off the shelf§ in our standard 70 durometer nitrile compound 5716.
    Most of our other 1,000+compounds can be used to meet your special requirements


    Square 每 Ring

    A Square-Ring is a sealing device made in the form of a torus, with a square shaped cross-section. It is available in a variety of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials. In most static applications, it is a direct replacement for an O-ring and generally will perform a high pressure gasket function as well as or better than an O-ring.

    **Interchangeable with O-ring size for size.
    ** Uses same groove as o-ring.
    ** Can be used for radial seals.
    ** Material is homogenous, no joints, no laminations.
    ** Edges accurately formed.
    ** Close tolerances held on cross-section. I.D. and O.D.
    ** Controlled surface smoothness, hardness, elasticity, toxicity, texture.
    ** The modern, economical option for static applications.
    ** Available in many compounds

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